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Monday, June 22, 2015

Cougars promote Heath

College of Charleston announced Monday that pitching coach Matt Heath has been hired to replace Monte Lee as head coach. The Cougars will hold a press conference on Tuesday.

Clemson introduces Monte Lee

Clemson introduced Monte Lee as its new baseball coach on Monday. I'd accepted a Monday free-lance assignment in Spartanburg before Clemson changed its press conference from last week. I wish I hadn;t because the Spartanburg assignment turned out to be a dud.

Monte Lee's opening statement

Monte Lee's press conference

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Charleston Southern player's mother among church shooting victims

One of the things I like doing on this Website is finding tidbits regarding baseball players at South Carolina colleges and sharing that information.

Here's one instance where I hate doing it.

Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, one of the nine people killed in the shooting at Charleston's Emanuel AME Church on Wednesday night, was the mother of Charleston Southern freshman baseball player Chris Singleton.

Mrs. Coleman-Singleton also was a pastor at the church, a speech therapist and the girls track coach at Goose Creek High School.

Chris Singleton played 50 games for the Buccaneers in 2015, batting .245. Earlier today, he was named to's freshman all-state team for NCAA Division I schools.

Without getting too preachy, many of our world's problems would be solved if more people got their hearts right with God. 2015 freshman all-state team for NCAA DI schools

Starting pitchers -- Shane Sawczak, Coastal Carolina; Adam Scott, Wofford; J.P. Sears, The Citadel
Relief pitcher -- Bobby Holmes, Coastal Carolina
Catcher -- Hunter Taylor, South Carolina
First base -- Brandon Elmy, Furman
Second base -- Mitch Spires, Winthrop
Shortstop -- Sims Griffith, Furman
Third base -- Ryan Hedrick, Presbyterian
Outfield -- Ryan Brown, College of Charleston; Reed Rohlman, Clemson; Chris Singleton, Charleston Southern
Designated hitter -- Blake Chisolm, Furman
Utility/two-position -- Charlie Carpenter, USC Upstate 
Two-way pitcher/position -- Jacob Watcher, The Citadel

Freshman of the year -- Reed Rohlman, Clemson

Starting pitchers -- Thomas Byelick, The Citadel; Tanner Chock, Presbyterian; Clarke Schmidt, South Carolina
Relief pitcher -- Will Detwiler, College of Charleston; Carter Love, College of Charleston; Brandon Murray, South Carolina; Freddie Sultan, Winthrop
Third base -- William Kinney, The Citadel; Max McDougald, Wofford
Outfield -- Landon Kay, Furman
Designated hitter -- Alex Destino, South Carolina; Drew Ellis, The Citadel; Robert Jolly, Clemson

Clemson makes Lee hiring official

After days of speculation, Clemson today officially announced the hiring of Monte Lee as head baseball coach.

Lee comes to Clemson from the College of Charleston.

He has been supportive of, and I appreciate that.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015 2015 all-state team for NCAA DI schools

Starting pitchers -- Taylor Clarke, College of Charleston; Matthew Crownover, Clemson; Zack Erwin, Clemson
Relief pitcher -- Skylar Hunter, The Citadel
Catcher -- Chris Okey, Clemson
First base -- Kyle Martin, South Carolina
Second base -- Blake Butler, College of Charleston
Shortstop -- Jay Lizanich, Presbyterian
Third base -- Carl Wise, College of Charleston
Outfield -- Anthony Marks, Coastal Carolina; James Plaisted, Wofford; Reed Rohlman, Clemson
Designated hitter -- Matt Ramsay, Wofford
Utility/two-position -- Conor Clancey, Wofford
Two-way pitcher/position -- Jacob Watcher, The Citadel

Coach of the year: Monte Lee, College of Charleston
Player of the year: Kyle Martin, South Carolina
Pitcher of the year: Taylor Clarke, College of Charleston

Starting pitchers -- Brandon Glazer, College of Charleston; James Reeves, The Citadel; Adam Scott, Wofford
Relief pitcher -- Will Stillman, Wofford
Catcher -- Cam McRae, Presbyterian 
First base -- Nick Pappas, College of Charleston
Second base -- Jordan Simpson, Furman
Shortstop -- Michael Paez, Coastal Carolina
Third base -- Brad Kaczka, Winthrop
Outfield -- Elliott Caldwell, South Carolina; Anthony Paulsen, Winthrop; Connor Walsh, The Citadel
Designated hitter -- Blake Chisolm, Furman
Utility/two-position -- Tyler Krieger, Clemson

Starting pitchers -- Matt Crohan, Winthrop; Alex Cunningham, Coastal Carolina; Nathan Helvey, College of Charleston; Austin Kerr, Coastal Carolina; Sam Kmiec, Winthrop; Luke Leftwich, Wofford; Matthew Milburn, Wofford;  Evan Raynor, Charleston Southern; J.P. Sears, The Citadel; Josh Strong, Winthrop; Andrew Tomasovich, Charleston Southern; Jack Wynkoop, South Carolina
Relief pitchers -- Charlie Barnes, Clemson; Andrew Beckwith, Coastal Carolina; Kevin Connell, The Citadel; Will Detwiler, College of Charleston; Ryan Griffith, Furman; Bobby Holmes, Coastal Carolina; Brock Hunter, Coastal Carolina; Zach Lavery, The Citadel; Carter Love, College of Charleston; Reed Scott, South Carolina; Travis Shelley, Winthrop; Joey Strain, Winthrop; Russell Thompson, The Citadel; Taylor Vetzel, Clemson; Elliott Warford, Furman; Ethan Wortkoetter, Presbyterian;
Catcher -- Roger Gonzalez, Winthrop; Erven Roper, College of Charleston; Carson Waln, Wofford
First base --  Tyler Chadwick Coastal Carolina; Bryan Dye, Charleston Southern; Brandon Elmy, Furman; Mark Lowrie, Winthrop;  Jacob Midkiff, Presbyterian; Stephen Windham, The Citadel
Second base -- Connor Owings, Coastal Carolina; Alec Paradowski, Wofford; Erik Samples, USC Upstate; Max Schrock, South Carolina; Mitch Spires, Winthrop
Shortstop -- Derek Hirsch, Wofford; Eli White, Clemson
Third base -- Nate Blanchard, Charleston Southern; William Kinney, The Citadel; Chris Ohmstede, Furman; Zach Remillard, Coastal Carolina
Outfield -- Ryan Brown, College of Charleston; Griffin Davis, Furman; Steven Duggar, Clemson; Carter Grote, Furman; Peter Johnson, Presbyterian; Jake Jones, Furman; Austin Mapes, The Citadel; John Menken, Winthrop; Matthew Pelt, Wofford; Morgan Phillips, College of Charleston; Kody Ruedesilli, Wofford; Chase Shelton, Charleston Southern; Taylor Weyenberg, Presbyterian; Jace Whitley, Winthrop
Designated hitter -- Tyler Asbill, Winthrop; Bradley Jones, College of Charleston; G.K. Young, Coastal Carolina
Utility/two-position -- Zach Krider, USC Upstate; Babe Thomas, Winthrop 

Note: I picked three starting pitchers because NCAA DI conference series are three games

Thursday: All-freshman team for NCAA DI schools