Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The airing of grievances, Feb. 12

It's been a momentous week for my blog. Someone ripped me for mentioning a  conference player of the week honor for a former state player because the player had off-field problems at USC.

 Then a school declined to credential me to cover games because I'm not "legitimate" media since I only have a blog and not a website. Forget that my blog is the only one to  cover college baseball on all levels in South Carolina and there are others in the press box merely as spectators during games. The school offers valid reasons. I just feel the guidelines are applied unevenly.

 I am  free to cover pre-series press conferences, but not games. I won't have access to shoot postgame videos for my blog because  I can't get access to the postgame press conference.

I guess I will be forced to concentrate more of  my efforts where it is appreciated for the publicity I give baseball in South Carolina.

Since I'm on a roll, I am going to go ahead and tick off every school by deigning to rank state teams by divisions. Join the haters. I have thick skin.

NCAA DI preseason: 1. Coastal Carolina. 2. South Carolina. 3. Clemson. 4. College of Charleston. 5. USC Upstate. 6. Furman. 7. The Citadel. 8.  Presbyterian. 9. Charleston Southern. 10. Wofford. 11. Winthrop.

NCAA DII: 1. USC Aiken. 2. Lander. 3. Francis Marion. 4. Erskine. 5. Limestone. 6. Newberry. 7. North Greenville. 8. Benedict. 9. Anderson. 10. Coker. 11. Claflin.

NAIA: 1. USC Beaufort. 2. Southern Wesleyan, 3. Morris. 4. Voorhees.

JUNIOR COLLEGE:  1. Spartanburg Methodist. 2. USC Sumter. 3. Florence Darlington Tech. 4. (Tie) USC Lancaster, USC Salkehatchie.


Terry Haselden said...

Keep up the good work. Don't let the idiots get you down.


P.S. Not sure about that Coastal pick.

Rudy Jones said...

These are my preseason rankings, so I reserve the right to be wrong. My thinking on Coastal vs. USC was I believe Coastal has a couple of pitchers who stand above the rest of the staff. USC has a deep staff, but few of the guys (Montgomery may be the exception) last season distanced themselves from the pack. That may have changed in the fall and preseason. Both schools are going to need newcomers to step in - and step up the production.

Anonymous said...

I visit this site multiple times a day and 3 times as many on the weekend. I believe you to be a Gamecock fan but have always found you to be honest in your opinions regardless of your affiliation. I enjoy reading everything you post and this is where I get all my SC college baseball information . Keep up the great work. Btw, thanks for recognizing Coastal as your #1 team in the state in D1. Go Chants!

Jeff Kerr
A huge palmettobaseball blogspot fan