Sunday, June 7, 2015 poll results & a couple of Clemson baseball updates

Poll question: Who should be Clemson's first choice to replace Jack Leggett?

Tim Corbin
  3 (5%)
Gary Gilmore
  1 (1%)
Bradley Lecroy
  5 (9%)
Monte Lee
  24 (44%)
Randy Mazey
  5 (9%)
Kevin O'Sullivan
  7 (12%)
Tom Riginos
  2 (3%)
Jim Schlossnagle
  2 (3%)
Someone else
  5 (9%)

Note: No one specified who the "someone else" they wanted was.

Votes cast: 54
Unscientific poll of readers of from June 4-7

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* reports former Clemson player and current West Virginia coach Randy Mazey interviewed with Clemson AD Dan Radakovich on Sunday.

* Aaron Fitt of sent out these Tweets earlier Sunday

The more I hear about the circumstances of Jack Leggett's dismissal from Clemson, the more convinced I am that it was handled very poorly.

I hear Leggett was given every indication Tuesday that his contract would be extended. Then Thursday he was blindsided. He deserved better.

It was also disingenuous - at best - for Dan Radakovich to tell me he didn't think his instructions to Leggett last June would go public...

...considering Radakovich called reporters to his office & specifically enumerated the things he told Leggett to change. Undermined Leggett.

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