Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's about that time

    I'm back.
    College baseball season begins in about three weeks.  I've typed in schedules for 29 of the 31 S.C. college baseball teams. You can view them in the calendar at the bottom of the page. The only schools missing are Morris and USC Sumter.
    There likely will be changes before the season begins, but I couldn't wait until the week the season starts to type in 1,000 or so games.
    I've also included Anderson's JV schedule and will add the JV schedules for Limestone and Newberry when I find them.
    I hope to do a lot of the same things I've done in previous years, including daily schedule/scores, rankings, and team of the week. I don't know if I'll be as dedicated to providing in-game updates other than re-tweeting other folks' scores. Time will tell. This site provides me less than $100 per year in income based on folks clicking on ads, so I'm not doing this to get rich.
    I hope you'll continue to find this site useful and informative and will let other fans of South Carolina college baseball teams know about it.



Tom Heffner said...

We appreciate your diligent work and compassion for college baseball!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this site and look forward to another great season ahead!